Veritas Theatre Company and Kepow in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of


By Abigail Hood

Directed by Kevin Tomlinson

We're delighted to announce that Monster has been nominated for three Offies: Lead Performance in a Play (Abigail Hood); Supporting Performance in a Play (Caitlin Fielding); and New Play (Abigail Hood).


Glasgow. 2006. An abandoned playground. Troubled teenagers Kayleigh and Zoe are flirting, playing dare and fantasising about running away together to the Isle of Muck.

Despite being warned to keep away, teacher Miss Hastie is inexplicably drawn into the two girls' orbit of chaos. When Kayleigh’s mother attempts to keep her daughter under her manipulative spell, the outcome is far worse than anyone could have ever anticipated.

With a cast of six, this thrilling contemporary play explores the need for love and the powerful forces at play behind random acts of violence. How much control do we have over who we are and what we become? Does the past define our future? Can we ever forget who we once were, escape our past mistakes and start again? Or are we doomed to be haunted, hounded and hunted forever?

Veritas and Kepow are pleased to be returning to Park Theatre with their production of Monster, following the successes of their previous shows; Spiral (2018), Beneath the Blue Rinse (2019) and The Answer (2019).

'A gripping and powerful play, brilliantly written and performed' ★★★★★ My Theatre Mates

'Riveting theatre that is brilliantly acted - Intense, thought-provoking and not to be missed' ★★★★★ London Living Large

'A brilliantly crafted and performed play' ★★★★★ The Spy In The Stalls

'A mix of fantastic scriptwriting and unexpected twists that shake the viewer’s soul to the core' ★★★★★ West End Evenings

'Truly an unforgettable piece... plays like this don’t come around' ★★★★★ Watch That Scene

'A whole, complete and truly assured play' ★★★★★ Plays To See

'Hood does a fantastic job of depicting flawed characters with empathy and brilliantly captures the war of emotions that accompany guilt and grief' ★★★★½ The Reviews Hub

'This play achieved everything it set out to do' ★★★★ A Youngish Perspective

'An impressive piece with strong characters and sharp dialogue that maintains quality throughout' ★★★★ Pocket Size Theatre 

Please be advised: this production deals with themes of abuse and child death, and contains a suggestion of violence.






Photography: Ben Wilkin