Volunteer at Park Theatre

Park Theatre is a registered charity and relies on a team of brilliant volunteer ushers to help out. Our volunteers play a vital part in keeping our customers happy and safe, we literally couldn’t do it without them.

If you're interested in joining the team ‐ or just want to find out more ‐ please fill in this form and email it to us [email protected]. All volunteers must be aged 18+. 

Our next volunteer induction is the morning of Thu 28 Apr 2022.
If you are interested in joining us, please submit your application form by Mon 25 Apr, and we will get back to you with an invite to the session.

We value your support and you'll have plenty of opportunity to get involved in many aspects of our work, attending events, coming along as an audience member and making new friends.

Why volunteer at Park Theatre?

Volunteering at Park Theatre is a great way to support your local theatre, watch all of our productions for free and make new friends!

You’ll see the inner workings of the theatre, become part of our passionate team and have the opportunity to get invited to all sorts of events including readings, open rehearsals and social gatherings. You’ll learn new skills and have the opportunity to take part in training sessions delivered by Park Theatre staff – like disability awareness training. All of our volunteers get a discount at the Park Theatre cafe, whether you’re on or off shift, so you can enjoy the benefits all year round.

What do volunteer ushers do?

Volunteers are the face of Park Theatre ensuring all of our patrons feel welcome and well looked after when they’re in the theatre. Our volunteers help us check tickets, direct visitors around the building and make sure each and every person that walks through our doors is safe and comfortable. Volunteers also play a vital part should the building ever need to be evacuated with training given prior to your first day.

What’s expected of our volunteer ushers?

We need friendly, open and committed volunteers who are able to sign up to at least two shifts per calendar month. We expect our volunteers to remain pleasant and welcoming at all times and follow instructions given by the venue managers. Training is provided before you start your first shift and for the first few you’ll be ‘buddied up’ so you can see how it all works! If you’re somebody who likes to make a difference, share your passion for theatre and meet new people – this might just be the place for you!

If you have any questions feel free to email [email protected] 

Be part of your exciting venue!


What our current volunteer ushers say

Jane, Volunteer Usher

"I really love volunteering at the Park. All the volunteers are treated very much as part of the team and are made to feel very appreciated. I enjoy helping to make our visitors’ trips to the Park really enjoyable, comfortable and safe and there is nothing nicer than them telling you, on the way out, how much they have enjoyed it and that they are looking forward to coming again. I have also had the opportunity to see a lot of really good and interesting theatre and meeting not only really friendly theatre staff but also lovely volunteers" 





Esther de Jong, Volunteer Usher

For almost two years now I've been volunteering with Park Theatre and not regretted it one second. It has been a  wonderful opportunity to work with a great group of dedicated people, sharing in the excitement, the laughs and sometimes the absurd.

It'll give you the chance to get to know new people, learn new skills and seeing one or two brand new plays every month!

Park is unique in its setting and its programming and I feel privileged to be able  to walk through that front door several times a month.




Jackie Reason, Volunteer Usher

‘I have been volunteering at Park since the day it opened. Park is so much more than just a theatre. It provides such a welcoming, joyous experience to a wide range of people and I love feeling part of the team.’






Kaye Stearman, Volunteer Usher

“If you love theatre, but are deterred by high London prices, being a Park Theatre volunteer is a great way to see  shows ranging from tough urban dramas to tender musicals, from well known classics to experimental new productions, all for  the cost of a few hours of your time. And you get a great seat as well.

But it is not just about the theatre but what happens around it. Greeting customers helps make us a super-friendly venue and even put me back in touch with old friends and new neighbours. It shows that the Park is not just about filling seats but building community links.”