BRASH Theatre Company in association with Park Theatre presents the UK Premiere of

Ankles, A Book of Spells

Written and Directed by Bethan Kitchen

Part of the Come What May Festival


This is our book of spells.

We put words in here, so that a change comes out.

In here, you will find spells that protest

That rebel

That reclaim

That reconjure

That seep under your skin and haunt.

In here, you will hear stories you’ve probably heard before. But we hope that we never have to tell again.

Now, as we begin, we ask you to be open

To fall under our spells

And be the change that emerges.

Born from teenage girls' experiences of gendered school uniform policies, Ankles is a live Book of Spells to cast away victim-blaming culture. Through a whirlwind of poetry, movement, and a haunting musical score, we ask, when will we stop teaching kids that it's girls' responsibility to keep themselves safe from sexual violence?

Made in collaboration with young women and non-binary people from the East End of Newcastle.

From the company that brought you the critically acclaimed Raising ShameBRASH is a bold, educational theatre company that strives to make sex education relevant, empowering, and unafraid.

Praise for Raising Shame:

"Blunt and blistering... this show punctuates hard-hitting stories with absurd comedy, leaving us privy to moments of solidarity... and leaving the show as allies, soulmates even."
NARC Magazine

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Photography: Saya Naruse