by Jez Bond

It was 6pm when I left Waterloo tube station after this afternoon’s rehearsal for ‘Company’. The sea of people pouring into the station reminded me why I rarely travel during rush hour times. Standing in the crowded tube I could see why many people prefer to drive – even if it takes a long time to get there you are at least in the comfort of your own mechanical organism. It’s not as if in a crowded tube you have enough room to work on your phone or laptop anyway. If we fall into the ‘keep work and home separate camp’ and remain ‘west side’ we’ll have to think very carefully about how and when we commute. We’ve already discussed the possibility of a two hour walk in each morning – which could be a lovely way to start the day.

On the subject of modes of transport, Hughes Jones Farrell – aka our architects (for the benefit of those unseasoned blog followers) – are doing a long run up a long flight of stairs for charity! It’s harder than it sounds. Check out their website and please sponsor them if you can:


Better dash, Jordan (our project manager) has just arrived for a meeting.

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