Why Sniff?

by Gabriel Fogarty-Graveson

26 April 2024

Actor and co-writer Gabriel Fogarty-Graveson talks about home, different paths taken and the birth of Sniff, a gripping tale coming to Park90 in May.    

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Schism 'not about disability, but about power' says playwright/actor

by Kayla Cohen

7 June 2018

It took fourteen years for Athena Stevens to write Schism, a new play now on at Park 90. Her inspiration? The unhealthy pattern of codependency and emotional unavailability she noticed permeating her friendships and relationships. Schism is a frank exploration of what went wrong, over and over again, over all those years.The play follows a twenty-year relationship between Harrison and Catherine as they navigate several life-stages and power shuffles. What started out as a teacher-student relationship soon becomes sexual when Catherine goes off to university, but whe…

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Snakes in Park 200 (!)

by Andrew Wilson

15 March 2016

Snakes have a gestation period of about three months.Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes, which opens in Park 200 on 23 March, has had a gestation period of eight years.It was November 2008. Dudley Hinton was listening to a Radio 4 interview with Dan Everett. A linguistics professor and former missionary, Everett is one of the few (about six) outsiders fluent in the langu

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The Knight From Nowhere/The Bells

by Andrew Shepherd

Tuesday, 15 December, 2015

Every time we come to play in Park Theatre we try to set a challenge for ourselves in Park 90. For Much Ado it was making it smell like Christmas and a 10 foot tree. For Hamlet it was a disappearing ghost. This year we are recreating the most famous melodrama in Victorian Theatre originally staged for around a capacity of 2000 in a studio space for 90...and it has not been without its challenges and det…

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Bachs and Coxes: Musical history comes alive

by Andrew Wilson

Monday, 22 June, 2015

Magical things can happen in the Morris Space, on the top floor of Park Theatre. Last Thursday two generations of Coxes played two generations of Bachs when The Score, a new play by Oliver Cotton received its first reading by a full cast, with live keyboard accompaniment.Jez Bond and Brian CoxThe Score deals with a

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A chat with Jonathan Maitland, author of Dead Sheep

by Andrew Wilson

Tuesday, 31 March, 2015

  It was Denis Healey, then-Chancellor of the Exchequer, who famously said in 1978 that being attacked by Geoffrey Howe in Parliament was “like being savaged by a dead sheep.” Jonathan Maitland has a rather more affectionate metaphor for describing Ho…

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