by Jez Bond

Just three days and we’ll be in the USA. Suddenly things are rushing ahead even more than before. Each day closer to that start on site date. It must sound to many like it’s never going to happen, like we’re always ‘about to start’ but in truth only really Jordan and I, who are working on this every single day, can really appreciate how every day brings us closer and closer. When I started this project I had no idea how vast it was. I remember writing an early blog about when we first started the project. It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that I was in two minds as to whether we needed an architect or whether I could have employed a draftsman to draw up my ideas. That’s laughable now – hindsight is always a great thing. Having said that, we could have achieved a theatre that way – just not the theatre we are building now…. at all. Also I would have most likely have had a nervous breakdown by now. Thanks to HJF I can leave my pills safely tucked in the drawer!

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