by Jez Bond

Inevitaby, whether speaking with friends or business associates, the question of what one is doing for the weekend will arise. As anyone who works for themself will know, the weekend is a curious phenomenon. For most it means a two day break from the 9 to 5, a time to sip a beer and watch the game, to enjoy a long Sunday roast and, yes, sometimes catch up on those household chores which have been piling up from 5 days at the office. For those self-employed or running their own company however, the weekend is as much a misnomer as the 9 to 5 day. Furthermore the atmosphere in the creative industries is such that late night phone calls, evening meetings and post midnight emails are generally condoned. Today, though, with the exception of the regular morning drama teaching sessions, I am in the rare position of enjoying a day with friends, struggling to light the BBQ and preparing an array of dishes neath the indecisive June sky.

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