The New Year

by Jez Bond

We are still in the early days of 2013 - the time when the brain goes into autopilot and tries to end every date you write with the digits from last year. Is that an inability of speed to adapt or a subconscious desire to cling to the past?  At the Park we've constantly been adapting and evolving alongside the very visual physical changes of our emerging building. We're most certainly looking to the future. This will be our grandest year yet!

So with the advent of our opening it's time to redefine the function of our blog. For the past two years it has been an almost daily diary of our inception. We have been brutally strict in our constant entries (so much so that it stands as an excellent memento of the journey thus far - and I hope very much that we will make a book out of the highlights at some point in the future). But very soon we'll have productions to talk about on our website and events will be happening in the theatre on a daily basis. So in preparation for this we shall, from this point onwards, update the blog on more of an ad-hoc basis - with key news and developments. Remember you can also follow us on Twitter - the team tweet from @ParkTheatre and our beloved mastiff cross, Hazel, tweets from @ParkTheatreDog - you'll get to meet her in the building soon but start following her now to sample her acerbic wit.

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