by Jez Bond

We are currently compiling a giant database which contains every build detail of every room. Beginning with a room reference number (such as LG.03) which relates to the floor plans we then enter the description of the room (such as Dressing Room 1) followed by a vast amount of information entered into various categories such as floor coverings, wall and ceiling finishes, lighting, power, sanitary-ware, windows, doors, door security and fixtures to name a few.

It’s a very precise exercise and one that focusses us on putting everything exactly on paper. This throws up constant questions – how many telephone points do we want in the office, do we need a power socket in the back of house corridor, should we install a tap in the bin store? Whilst some of these questions seem minor and whilst it’s true that we can make changes as the build progresses, in order to get accurate prices from contractors we need a true plan of what we are asking them to provide. And of course change generally equals money – so we’re trying to get it as right as possible from the outset.

The document is nearly complete, although there are a few question marks which we will need to speak to our consultants about. So much to do – it really does never end…

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