by Jez Bond

Finally at 4pm today my hands lifted off the keyboard as the final touches to Draft 1 of the Room Data Sheets were completed.

There are 47 columns and (across three sheets) 100 rows. So that’s 4,700 variables. Let’s just say that again – four thousand and seven hundred variables. That doesn’t include, of course, the structural works such as floor, wall, roof and ceiling build ups. As we progress things will change and the list will be adapted. But as a starting point it’s a mammoth achievement. Tetelestai…!

Associate Director Melli Bond has booked a trip to New York for a few days in order to liaise with theatre companies and literary agents across the pond. There has already been a good response to the announcement of her arrival and hopefully this will provide some exciting opportunities for us in the future with regards sharing ideas, new plays, co-productions or exchange programmes. The trip is scheduled for 31st August and she is planning to write a daily blog whilst there.

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