by Jez Bond

As soon as I wrote this title, I realised it may give the wrong impression. I don’t mean “stop the press” or “everybody stop working, it’s all over”. I mean it as a ‘note to self’: I must stop trying to do everything. The latest drawings from the structural engineer arrived a few minutes ago and I started to open up all the pdfs before suddenly saying to myself “hold on a minute!”, closing them all down and returning to my ever increasing ‘to do’ list which doesn’t involve negotiating my way through detailed beam diagrams and loadings.

Why then? Two answers. One is that, with my director hat on, I like to oversee everything (read ‘control freak’). The other lies in the fact that I simply enjoy it. Knowledge in all fields excites and interests me immensely.  This leads me to a great quote that I found yesterday. But I will save that for its own blog…

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