by Jez Bond

It’s pouring down with rain – and not only does the usual hole in the lower roof sprout water but puddles are also appearing in the upper floor below where we recently removed the water tank. Either we inadvertently ripped or damaged the membrane in the process or, possibly, the roofing top layers may have been installed around a pre-existing tank and we may have simply exposed the untreated roof below. It’s odd, and somehow amusing, to have something like this happen and it not be a problem - the reason being that it’s all getting ripped out soon anyway. Besides I know a couple of theatres that are currently operational with far worse leaks – finer use of buckets during a show I have never seen!

Lots more meetings today from box office to building and beyond…

Now on my way to Hampstead Theatre to see ‘Silence’ – and peek at their tension wire grid..

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