by Jez Bond

After purchasing a different router this morning and finally sorting out our internet connection (no thanks to TalkTalk) we proceeded to the Comedy Theatre which, as Dave pointed out, is not perhaps the most aptly named venue for the current show. It was the understudy run of ‘Birdsong’, a production we had seen a few weeks ago. Our good friend Annabel Topham was superb in the female lead among a marvellous cast. From the subtler moments between characters to the vibration of the entire auditorium with the horror of gunfire, like the first time we saw it, this was powerful stuff.

Very odd, a distinct unpleasant smell of hot food on the tube. I clock a lady sitting opposite me also notice and look around. No sign of the offending meal. Strange. How strong the senses!

Which leads me to report on my meeting with Ollie Dimsdale from Filter Theatre Company, who work with sound in interesting ways. Ollie spoke to me about the process of approaching a text and/or devised piece and about how sound is integral to them, rather than being simply an afterthought in the tech. They are currently working with both the RSC and The Lyric Hammersmith on shows which will play in London early next year. Sadly, the other two partners in the company weren’t able to be with us but we are arranging to see one of their productions in February and meet them afterwards. We seem to share a passion for good theatre without pigeon holes. We know what we mean, right Ollie!?

Check out filter company here:

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