by Jez Bond

A dry day as I turned to my laptop to write a few emails. When I turned back round there was snow all around. Well not all around, but all over the garden at any rate. It goes to show two things. Firstly how easy it is to lose one’s sense of time whilst beavering away at the computer and, secondly, how quickly the weather turns. I completely missed the snow fall!

Melli worked on a few handwritten Christmas cards and presents to send to our relatives abroad and I finalised and uploaded our Park Theatre Christmas newsletter which all our extended friends and family should have now received. If you haven’t then we don’t have your email on our mailing list or we have made an error, in which case please let us know.

Every day’s a good day. I constantly find myself with a big grin on my face. I can think of nothing better than that.

There seem to be three types of days: days when you feel like you have done relatively little but actually achieve a lot, days when you feel like you have achieved a lot but have actually done relatively little and days when you feel like you have achieved a lot and you have.

Today was the former; therefore a surprisingly good day. The simple reason being that due to meetings all week long this was a much needed day back at HQ spent ticking off a number of tasks that needed to be done (typing up details from people’s business cards, sending emails, responding to some design team questions and generally dealing with some of the little things).

A few more hours tomorrow and then it’s party time! We usually host two a year – and they’re usually big and always end extremely late (or I should say early) which means I’ll be granting myself a Sunday off…. ish! Oh and if you were thinking of coming along it’s at my house not at the theatre, sorry! Can’t fit everyone in – though we’ll definitely have to organise some big soirees in FP once the building is finished.

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