by Jez Bond

Crazy day when every meeting butted up against the next and there was no time for a minute’s breather let alone lunch!

Funniest memory of the day: me writing an email on a laptop having said goodbye to one person and asked another (who had come in to ask a favour) to kindly wait two minutes while Jordan, talking to the insurers on my mobile (which I had just passed across) went downstairs to let in the next meeting. And so it continued.

Got lots done! Last official meeting was with Joules, Roger, Theo and Dave – discussing hugely technical details of the sound and lighting installation (Dave and I rather out of our depth – okay me not so much, but still… at times…!)

Took Joules, Roger and Theo out for a drink at the pub afterwards – then came back and worked on site for a few hours. Can hear the excitement of people outside drinking and laughing in the early summer’s heat. It’s getting dark now but that warm musty air pervades…. I’m going to stop before I get all Tennessee Williams!

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