by Jez Bond

Questions can tell us so much about a person. They can tell you whether someone is happy or whether they are sad, they can inform you as to whether the asker has been listening to what you have been saying or simply been waiting to voice their question, they can give you a great insight into people's dreams and desires. Questions are one of my favourite parts of a site tour - perhaps because I do 99% of the talking and by the end am thristy for someone else to speak. Some groups ask many questions, some ask few, some ask none at all. This job is always about people and communication - and never more so when crammed into a site office at 9am on a Thursday morning.

But questions aren't always constructive. As an accomplished actor friend of mine who attended the tour yesterday pointed out, questions posed in post-show discussions can often be extremely odd or pointless or - the worst case - crafted in order to carry someone's agenda that actually has nothing to do with the play they have just seen. Actors tend to hate these forums, but it's a tricky issue as some people (albeit, let's face it very few as attendance are low) enjoy this interaction. There must be a better format for this then, something new that we at Park Theatre can implement. Answers on a postcard (please, no questions).


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