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Editing my CV -  which I appear to be having a stab  at every week, so it seems (Note: ‘stab’ being the key word here as it is generally painful, as many of you will know) -  got me thinking about some work I did on ‘quality’ for a previous employer.  It was a big, thorough (fairly arduous) piece of work but a really useful way to check that every part of the organisation and its services are working holistically and to high standards.

Many spreadsheets and cross-referenced notes later it did create a picture about the identity of the company.  But it seemed like so much work because it was (for me)  looking back and describing how things work and have worked for many years. Being involved with a project from its earlier stages is so different. The quality and links can be established clearly now and shown in the way every little thing is done -  from the light fittings in the dressing rooms to policies that will help run a successful , happy business.   We are demonstrating this in the tours we do to share our plans.  I know Jez and Andy are working hard on getting all the policies and procedures right, which goes hand in hand with a successful running of artistically engaging theatre.  And, Park’s programme is about quality; not discriminating on any kind of  performance except that it must be good. One of the simplest yet most challenging statements a theatre can make.

‘Quality’ in my Oxford dictionary is defined as: “1. the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind -  general excellence. 2.  a distinctive attribute or characteristic… From Latin meaning ‘ of what kind, of such a kind’”

Sounds like a question.

I want Park to be a benchmark for others, but to keep exceeding itself. To continue its adventurousness as a whole. It has to be about quality and about everything working together -  the interconnectedness of strands to make an functioning organism.

What do you think is quality in theatre?

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