Poorly Paws...

by Hazel - Park Theatre Dog

So I'm at the end of a week in bed... I have to say anyone out there who suffers from disabilities I feel that I've had a small glimpse of what a bed ridden life must be like - highly frustrating to say the least. I'm only allowed to go outside to "use the facilities" and walks are out of the question until I heal. I should really take you through the journey though - as many of you will not know how I came to be laid up in bed for a week. 

I enjoy swimming. It's one of the simple pleasures life brings and it is my passion. My favourite game is jumping into water when a stick or toy is thrown into it - I'll race in and bring it back. Sometimes I just jump into the water to bring stuff out. I'm pretty environmentally aware so I like to pull out rubbish, old signs, trees that have fallen, anything large really. I'd certainly pull out a human if they were in need of assistance! So as I was saying. I play in water - a lot! Last weekend I was playing in the canal, as per usual, and I hurt my foot. I sliced it open pretty bad but I didn't want to stop playing so I didn't tell my mum or anyone. I just winced a little and shook it off. I'm a big gal and really I don't mind a bit of pain. Well long story short I had to get stitches. I was brave and my doctor was really great. She said I was very gentle and so I didn't need a general anesthetic. She gave me a heavy sedative though - and wow did that knock me out! 

So I'm on the road to recovery. In bed, bored. But at least I've had some good films to watch and I have the most amazing loving family so I'm pretty darn lucky!

See you all again soon. If there are any children out there who want to draw me something nice over the easter holidays please post them to Hazel Bond Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace London N4 3JP.. I would like to scan them and put them on my Hazel page... coming soon to the website.

And now A Paws for Thought : If treat mother nature with respect and you will feel happy in your soul. And please try to not to buy anything that tests on animals - it's like if I told a company started testing on your cousins so they could make nice smelling things for me. Everyone knows this is wrong, but everyone also knows they can look away and pretend it isn't real. But guess what? It is real.

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