by Jez Bond

A great meeting with Marcus at the Roundhouse this morning – as well as a tour of the fantastic building it was great to get some insight from him on a number of levels.

Following that Dave and I went to the offices of Feast Creative – useful as it will be beneficial for Dave (Hjf) and Simon (Feast) to start a relationship with a view to discussing how the brand is integrated with the feel of the building and vice versa (signage, colour palette etc).

Then on site a meeting with the structural engineers followed. Both Dave and I picked up on things that had been missed – it’s an important time as once the drawings go off to the steel workers to get fabricated changes/errors start to get rather pricey!

Joules and Roger then turned up with Simon from White Light and we discussed the specialist technical install (the first of many such meetings with White Light, who rather than our M&E contractors will undertake the first fix for the theatres).

A quick drink at the pub – the lovely local on Perth Road – and then bcd for a board meeting with our trustees. Much to talk about and two more dates booked in to further our discussions.

For my eyes it’s been a massive day out – a far longer day than they have been used to, having rested over the past few days. Dusty, sore, tired, time to rest – it won’t be a few weeks until I’m completely healed. Blog done…. bed soon to follow….

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