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This week I received an email from Creative Director Melli describing how a Transmission workshop session on acting drunk had taken her back to when we first met in 2001.  Melli and I played two very different sisters in a US play called Independence and bonded irrevocably through our increasingly outrageous backstage warm-ups for a scene where Melli's delinquent character got her innocent older sibling inebriated.

This was also the week when Melli and I finally got together for a social (yes, non-work!) evening for the first time in - well, neither of us can remember how long but we suspect it's years.  We have been so doomed in organising this that we were convinced one of us would expire en route, and mystery abdominal pains on my part on the night seemed to confirm our fears.  Happily though, while the weird pains limited me to lemongrass tea rather than something a little stronger, they failed to keep us apart.

Our catch-up was briefer than we would have liked, but acutely important.  It's no accident in this business that lifelong friendships are formed through work, and that those friendships often go on to beget more work, and so on.  Park aims to be a thoroughly open, inclusive, approachable organisation and has thrown its arms open to both the industry and the community; we hope that many more friendships-slash-creative partnerships will be forged here.  We look forward to knocking back a tipple or two with you.

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