by Jez Bond

After copious amounts of computing in the morning (sorting out new email accounts, updating some key documents and sending them to Nouska and Abi…)  I met director Gavin McAlinden on site. Gavin was excited to learn about our new venue and had some interesting ideas regarding European funding streams (note to self: follow this up). We agreed to meet for a drink in the near future. Lots to discuss.

I then gave Nouska (Melli’s assistant) her first tour. Melli should have been in my place but as I was already in the area it seemed to make sense. As we went round the light outside was fading – and more than early advertising for Christmas decorations this was the true sign of approaching winter. We finished up in the upstairs bar where Nouska shared her passion for Grand Designs. “Had we any major discoveries – apart from the substage?” “No. Not really. That was it.” Oh – and then I started remembering the lack of power and need-for-electrical-substation issue, the days scrambling to get the letters of intent from the council on legal issues, and, even further back, getting screwed over by the estate agents and nearly loosing the property. This is why I now write a blog!

Realising it had gotten rather dark, the electrics being out in the lower half of the building, we fumbled our way down the stairs and locked up…

Next I headed to FinFuture where I had been invited to give a presentation to their board.

The organisation is run out of 225-229 Seven Sisters Road, a building which they let to a number of other groups including the Finsbury Park Business Forum. Their agenda – the promotion and progression of Finsbury Park.

I spoke for twenty minutes or so and then answered questions. They were all very supportive and asked in what ways they could help. We discussed the extensive footfall through their building and their mailing list of local businesses, organisations and residents. I’m excited that they have offered to send our next newsletter to their subscribers.

I’m sure they thought I was quite mad (code words for this seem to be ‘brave’ or ‘challenging’) but I sensed they had other matters to move onto and didn’t want to monopolise their time by discussing my views on passion not legislation leading theatres and how out of the most economically deprived times the best art has emerged. Hopefully some of them will be reading this now.

I greatly welcome their support. FinFuture’s Chief Executive Talal Karim was extremely enthusiastic – as were the board of trustees, including the Chair Paul Morris and other Trustees, Liz Hemmings and Fiona Wallace.

A successful meeting. A successful day…

(I am mad)

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