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Q: What does it take to give a playwright a kick up the backside when she's about to launch herself back into work on a play for a new theatre?

A: Take her to the building site for that theatre and show her how it's thrillingly, inexorably coming together.  Let her see the sheer bloody labour that is going into the manipulation of steel, glass and concrete into a sophisticated and complex home for inspiration and magic.  Bring her close to shedding a little tear when she thinks of how far this place has come since she first walked through the door of a shabby old office block and strained to imagine the reality of a theatre on this spot.  Give her just a little glimpse of just how momentous this place is going to be.  Then send her back to her keyboard.  If that doesn't fire her up and raise her game, nothing will.

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Sounds like an exciting way to write. Be fab to see the finished play in the finished theatre!

By Mo Oakeley | Fri 06 Jul 2012

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