by Jez Bond

A good day on site today, beginning with meeting a new writer and ending on a meeting with Rose Fenton, the internationally respected theatre producer and arts advisor, who started the LIFT festival. In between these: lots of other business, including taking a celebratory card to Homes For Islington to thank them for their dealings in the fire escape matters that plagued us last year. Meanwhile Jordan has been on the phone chasing up some final tenders before the whole country closes for an extended royal wedding weekend. It’ll be the biggest day for the nation in a long time but I’ve got my eyes on something a little further ahead – the biggest day for us, for N4 and for the London theatre scene… in 2012!

Note: Blogs have been shorter since I have returned from holiday. Thought I’m supposed to have more energy? Hmm. Perhaps my brain power has increased and I’m being more succinct… Or maybe it’s just a phase…

[Three hours later] Just taken Dave on his first Fringe Theatre experience!

I guess this blog’s a bit longer now, as it turns out!

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