Sarah Richardson in association with Park Theatre presents the UK Premiere of

Sun Bear

By Sarah Richardson

In Katy’s office everything is perfect. Perfect people, intrinsically entwined, working together as one big happy family. There is only one problem. Her.  

Cold, cutting and out of control, Katy is one team-building lunch away from tearing the whole office apart, personalised mugs and all.  

She is sinking. Having cut off all ties to any remaining lifeboat, Katy is drowning. Under the pressure of it all. Under the panic that refuses to give. Under the images of him that she just can’t shake. She is heading straight for rock bottom, with a line of burnt bridges blazing behind her. 

But what sent her on this downward spiral? And is there anyone left that can stop her from the impending crash landing? 

Mixing spoken word and theatre, Sarah Richardson presents the UK premiere of her award-winning, one-woman dark comedy. 


Winner of the ‘Simply the Best’ Award at Gothenburg Fringe 2023 

Nominated for ‘GEST Best in Fest', ‘Hot Potato’ and ‘Mind Blown’ awards at Gothenburg Fringe 2023 


This year's Make Mine a Double season sees one-woman shows Sun Bear and The Light House running alongside one another in Park90. Book during our early bird offer period to save £7 per ticket, or make it a double and see both for £25.*

Early Bird Single: £17.50

Early Bird Multibuy: £12.50 each

*Offer ends Thu 23 Feb 2024. Discount will automatically apply at the checkout, after tickets are added to the basket. The multibuy offer only applies when both Make Mine a Double shows are booked together and cannot be applied retrospectively.


Artwork by Jacob Cox.