ZAVA Productions in association with Lorenzo Mannelli and Park Theatre presents 

Hide and Seek

By Tobia Rossi

Content Warnings

This production contains scenes of violence with minimal blood, intensely suggestive dialogue, brief non-explicit sexual content and strong language. There are also references to bullying and emotional neglect.

If you require any further information or assistance, please email [email protected] who will be happy to assist you.

Post-Show Events

There will be post-show events after the following performances of Hide and Seek

A Suburbia Italian Story Travelling the World - Mon 18 Mar 19.45

Q&A with Com.It.Es di Londra and British Italian Society, featuring Cindy Marcolina (Theatre Critics), Tobia Rossi (Writer) and Dimitri Scarlato (Com.It.Es Councillor and Composer).

Growing Up Queer in the UK - Wed 20 Mar 19.45

Q&A with Gender Intelligence, featuring the cast and Cleo Madeleine (Communications Co-ordinator Gendered Intelligence).

Social Media and Mental Health: Finding Balance and Support - Thur 21 Mar 19.45

Q&A with Il Circolo, featuring Luisa Fassi (PhD researcher, University of Cambridge, on youth mental health and social media use), Stefano di Rico (Young Menthal Health Campainger, YoungMinds Activist, Lumi Young People’s Board), and Cast.