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As I go through our epic contacts database one of the things I do is check some missing or incorrect information, which involves going to lots of peoples’ websites. This is quite a distracting task because it’s interesting seeing what creative companies are out there and the massive diversity in style and content of websites.  Websites are so valuable to the identity you’re trying to present and the audience you’re hoping to reach and preserve contact with. Like a book cover, or that 2 seconds when you first meet with someone,  a judgement is formed and it can possibly be the beginning or end of that relationship. Easy routes to find information is an additional quagmire to the website.

Park, inherently,  looks beyond a website and cares about the work that a creative team or person produces. But through all this research I’m doing I’m astonished by the number of websites that don’t mention the names of the individuals that make that organisation function. Yes, the name and brand of a company is vital to getting it recognised and remembered, but the people that work in the company are the essence of it. And, as a human being, I would like to know whom I’m contacting; that we're getting in touch with the most appropriate person we need to. Providing specific names is also about giving those hard-working individuals the recognition they deserve for what they do. I appreciate it can take time (which there is not enough of)  to update and edit a website, but please let us know your names and what you do. Not only does it make this database task easier -  it’s about wanting to say hello to you properly.

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