by Jez Bond

blog imageAs our train pulled in to St Pancras station it was gone 1pm. The night at Sheffield's Novotel had been nothing more than fine; the slope to the mattress being countered only by a lie-in before the morning train. Andy, Melli and I had been on our first Park Theatre business trip - it wasn't hugely glamorous but neither was it intended to be. Proving successful on many fronts, not the least as a bonding session between all parties, it began in Leeds where we had sat and discussed plans with Red Ladder - a national touring company with whom I had first worked when I was just fourteen years old (they came to my school theatre and I proudly rigged all their lights!) Another train journey forward and we found ourselves sitting in Sheffield's Crucible Theatre for a production of Betrayal with actors John Simm and Colin Tierney- both of whom, at least for most of the year, are local to Park Theatre. A whirlwind trip and, it seemed, almost as quickly as you've read this blog we found ourselves on the return train to London - and straight into a series of back to back meetings on site. I'm looking forward to being at home tonight. I may not have a TV in the bedroom, but at least the mattress is level.

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