by Jez Bond

Building with big ambition can sometimes be a curse. Confidence and positivity can come across as stubbornness or, more dangerously, can instil a feeling of ‘money is no object’ amongst potential contractors. Somehow I think the ‘this is a privately funded project, we have very little money and no public subsidy’ line would work better if I spoke more quietly, looked down at the floor occasionally and skipped the morning shower. Some people get it and some don’t. Some come up with solutions and options, others can’t think outside the box. It’s a constant exercise in creativity from both parties and involves full assessments and reassessments of the situation. Being a public building there are certain elements where, quite rightly, one can’t compromise – the fire alarm installation is a prime example: ringing a school bell, bought at the local car boot sale, upon smelling smoke just doesn’t cut it. But of course theatre began for all of us with the triumph of imagination over technology; with hand puppets who didn’t look any good but had our voices to bring them alive, with just our meagre un-drama-school-trained bodies to act out soldiers in the playground and with only a piece of string to move a rocking chair to create terror in a darkened room. Let’s remember that too…

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