by Jez Bond

A good meeting this afternoon with project manager Jordan Russell. We went through the program of works and the schedule for the next two weeks. All the tenders should be back three weeks from now and we will very soon have an official ‘start on site’ date! Very exciting.

In the meantime we are continuing to struggle with the utility companies – what is it with these people!? As is the EDF fiasco with the substation wasn’t enough! (Still ongoing by the way).

I finally managed to get British Gas Business to remove the (approximately) £200 they were demanding as a ‘standing charge’ despite us not having used any gas since our occupation. However they don’t seem to want to back down over the £2,500 they have billed us for the electricity. We have only used £500 worth (and that is an extremely high price based on ‘out of contract’ rates which they said we defaulted to) but the rest of it around £2,000 is, once again, standing charges. Apparently – and they failed to tell us this before – the meter in the building is currently costing around £3.50 per day just to…… be there. Yes a real kick in the teeth for us, who are working furiously struggling to pay the bus fare. Nice.

Have written to a barrister friend and waiting to hear back as to the best course of action. It’s all just so draining! Such a waste of time. I don’t want to be writing legal letters to companies threatening action, I want to drive forward with our fundraising initiatives, contact more local celebrities, read and feedback on the plays I have been developing.

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