by Jez Bond

It’s not really talktalk though; more like silentsilent. It’s been 48 hours now without internet access and the lovely Lisa upstairs has just saved the day by giving me the code for her wireless router! Why do these companies have such bad customer service? Well one thing is for sure – we will have two different broadband lines at the theatre with two different companies. It’s a good lesson to learn. Our business – including all the ticket sales – will rely on an internet connection and I sure as hell don’t want to be phoning up a call centre in India, speaking to someone who sounds like they’re at the other end of a swimming pool, who tells me that someone will call me back in the morning while a queue forms at the box office!

Nouska and I catalogued all the remaining play-scripts today – and made good headway on the programmes, starting to alphabetise them all in piles. Fascinating seeing all the old programmes going back years – so many memories! Off to a wedding for the weekend. Aim to finish it all on Monday…

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