by Jez Bond

Following from yesterday’s adventures we returned home with our beautiful lost boy – a large black staffie cross. An actor from Transmission Workshop decided he should be called T-DUB, as in TW, and thus his journey began…

We immediately followed the customary process we engage in with all four legged visitors to the house (having fostered Great Danes it’s all second nature now). Beginning outdoors with an introduction to the pack – a walk-by and then sniff of our very own mastiff cross, Hazel – we then proceeded indoors for a wash down; get rid of the dirt and the smells with their inherent memories. And that’s just Melli!

Clean sheets and a good night’s sleep…

Today T-Dub and Hazel came with us to Finsbury Park. I attended the final N4 Stories workshop this side of Christmas (the team have been doing great work) and then met with producer Joe Fredericks (we discussed me associate directing Company at the Southwark Playhouse early next year).

Before arriving home we stopped off at the vet and it turned out that, contrary to our expectation, the little guy has been microchipped. His owner(s) are being located but for tonight it will be another stay at hotel Bond!

Knackered after a long day they’re both at home while Melli and I are sitting in the Jermyn Street theatre waiting for a Christmas musical to begin!

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