by Melli Bond

It isn't something I often ask of people but I will start to say this very soon over the coming weeks. Give me a proposal. Not for marriage - not to last a lifetime- but for something exciting and thrilling that would last about 4 weeks and then you can move on. Make it interesting, make me laugh so much I might wet myself. Make me fall in love, make me cry so hard I can't stop. I would like to feel something deeply. If you think you can do that for me then talk to me - send me a proposal. It doesn't have to be in a Tiffany's box this time. No, I'd actually prefer it to be on an email first on a special form that I will send to you that picks out some simple key information to start things going. So it isn't a marriage but it needs to be considered very carefully. I do hope to get some glorious proposals soon. Happy days.

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