by Jez Bond

Whilst you will see, on the right hand side, that you can only go back as far as November 2011, the Park Theatre blog has actually been running daily since June 2010!

The reason you can't see back to the very beginning is that all the blogs posted on old website are yet to be added to this server. It's on the long list of things to do and we'll get round to it soon, as it should prove to be a valuable resource.

Nearly two years on from that inaugral blog and 99% of the posts have been by me. However, Melli and I are going away for a few days break this weekend and - importantly - will be leaving the laptops behind and turning the mobile phones off! As such for the next ten days we are passing the blogging baton to the extremely capable Amy, Charlie and Nouska - who should really blog more from now on. So here's to ten days of different voices, different humour (they're not very funny - be warned) and different writing styles....

Enjoy the next few days.

I know I will! :)


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