by Melli Bond

The night before Halloween is known as Mischief Night. In the states they are getting more than their fair share of evil mischief. My hometown is a washout but thankfully all relatives are pretty much ok. Last time we had a scary hurricane I came down from New York to surprise my family - I had made it just in time. But this week has been scary for a lot of people and I'm thinking of them and wishing them well. Especially relatives who are actually being transported to shelters! I just can't imagine. 

Here in London at least we had a pretty sunny day today and it has a real autumn feel to it. The building has weathered many storms and as we start to lead into Autumn I feel the significance of change in the air. 

The time of dying is also a time of rebirth and newness so while it's getting all grey and leaves are falling I am reminded of the eternal change the earth goes through and what a massive change our building has been going through. It's old life had to die in order to create a new life. It's a special magic that comes from this and although we are often afraid of death and find it a struggle to cope with, I do think there is a flip side - a rebirth. Whether you find it or not I think it exits. 

On a less thoughtful note - I'm very much looking forward to planning next year's first Park Halloween Party! I'm just dreaming of lining up the bar with Jelly-shots and seeing THE MOST fabulous set of costumes north london has set it's eyes on. Some dark tunes with a sense of party and mischief next year's Halloween party is one I've got planned in my brain! 

So have a happy halloween tomorrow all you crazy cats. Here is a little photo of how Hazel and I enjoyed our mischief night (well durning the day!)  Out in the lovely autumn sun.

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