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Yesterday was my birthday and (as Jez mentioned in last night's blog) it also happened to be the day of the Park family dinner at the theatre's local restaurant, Season Kitchen.

Milestones like this always prompt us (for good or ill) to project ourselves backwards and forwards in time.  Melli (Creative Director) and I will always remember the first time we celebrated my birthday together, during the run of a show called Independence back in 2001. Appropriately somehow, we played sisters - and it was a bonding experience if ever there was one, performing an American play with an American colleague while the events of September 11 unfolded across the Atlantic.

So here we are today, several years older, still celebrating birthdays and the phenomenon of life itself - and finding ourselves on the brink of something life-changing together.  And as we continued our party last night back at the Park site, the thing that made us catch our breath - and literally gave Press & PR Manager Nouska goosebumps - was that this time next year, we'll be celebrating my birthday in a working theatre.  Shows will be filling the now-silent stages and audiences will be trooping in and out of a building which last night, despite our best efforts, was overall a pretty quiet place.

So make a date: this time next year you are all very much invited to join us.

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Happy Birthday and such an exciting time for you all. Looking forward to filling one of those seats next year.

By Mars Lord | Sat 15 Sep 2012

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