by Melli Bond

I'm taking these little supplements called Mega Red. They are supposed to give you clarity of mind and maybe give you a bit of extra strength. I think that its working pretty well. I've got a good vision of what the building will look like. I've got a clear picture of who we are as a company. The main focus for me at the moment is on raising funds, awareness and curating the space.

We are about to launch a just giving page - and we hope you'll spread the word and also donate a little something. It's very easy really. We are also working on our Autumn Gala - that's very exciting and loads of info on that yet to come!

The other line of focus is on spreading the word- and we had Helpers Day today! We had some lovely helpers who gave up their time to distribute our very important development packs to the local neighbourhoods and businesses.  

While I (pictured left) am focused on fundraising and curation, Nouska (pictured right) is focusing on our Press and PR. We are a close team and hope that our closeness can be shared with many more people who share our passion. Passionate people (I think) are Mega Red!


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