by Jez Bond

I’ve had a long day today. I’ve travelled from West to North to South to North to West but it’s all been worth it. Dave and I saw the new Bush building earlier – and Steve Tompkins has done a terrific job with the design. It’s not quite finished yet though - they have plans to refurbish and convert other currently back of house spaces into public areas. As for my own wonderful architect, my dream-maker, my Horatio – he’s come up with a potential change to the back of house that reminds me why I love him so. We simply never stop refining, tweaking and challenging each other.

More of this and on the rest of the day anon – as various seeds planted today may soon develop into full flowers and merit a proper announcement. Fast forwarding a few hours and as I leave the Gatehouse – after a very entertaining production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ – I feel the cold air burning my skin. They say it’s due to snow tonight and part of me feels like curling up in bed with a hot water bottle and hibernating. Of course I can’t do that – and I don’t want to really; I’m having breakfast with Tamzin in the morning. All I can say, again, is watch this space!

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