by Melli Bond

So once again I'm writing to you from the East Coast. It was a last minute trip and not one I was over joyed about taking. Not because I don't want to be here - but the reason behind it. I've lost someone that I have loved my entire life. It has been a total shock. It is hard to understand really. We are left behind with questions - only to provide ourselves with answers in order to cope. But as humans we are selfish. We don't want to be left behind. 

I will admit in my selfishness it really upsets me that he will never get to visit the theatre. I was looking forward to sharing this wonderful dream come true. When I was here in May he said he was so looking forward to coming for our big opening. It was one of the last things he said to me. He was very proud of my achievements. He loved it that I live in London. He was born in Switzerland and I grew up with this big international family. I always admired life in Europe.  He traveled the world and enjoyed life to the fullest - always with a big grin. I'm proud to have had him in my life and thankful for all the wonderful memories I will always cherish deeply.

So when that opening day comes - we must spare a thought for our departed loved ones that would so adore being with us to enjoy themselves- because that's what living is all about right?

For Dan...

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