by Jez Bond

We watched Wesker’s ‘The Kitchen’ at the NT tonight – a play I, and I think most people, hadn’t seen since Daldry’s production many years ago. After a drink and catch up with three fellow ex-Hull University members who were in the show, we are heading back home to complete some final emails before bed. It’s been a full day – Dave Hughes had some strong words to our contractors about the delay in the steelwork on site, Melli booked in a load more industry tours (two slots now fully booked) and I – amongst many other things – facilitated a change in staffing. Christina has done a great job over the past year, helping with a vast array of things, bit tomorrow Charlie becomes my new assistant. I am looking forward to working with him and to him introducing himself to you in a forthcoming blog. He’s coming to the flat for his first day and he’ll meet the four legged member of the team as we sit together and work at the kitchen table, building London’s new powerhouse of drama.

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