by Jez Bond

As the sun set on the Cartmel campsite, three words were shared by two men in a static caravan: "Is it funny?"
It was September and the final writing session before a workshop of our script with professional actors. Over the past year my writing partner, Mark Cameron, and I had grabbed a week here, a weekend there and the odd evening (usually very odd) in order to complete the script for Park Theatre's first ever pantomime.
We set the bar high, maintaining some of the traditional elements of panto whilst hugely challenging ourselves in other areas. We set rules (no character can speak to the audience unless there is an inherent logic for it within the script), established parameters and even created a whole new language for our mythical land (some of which you will learn when you come to see the show). But working in isolation, those words kept coming back to us: is it funny….or is it just us? Every writer's fear, I imagine.  
We set about to have a workshop with professional actors at the theatre a few weeks ago and invited a small audience to a script-in-hand walk-through after just a few hours working together. I'm thrilled to say the actors totally engaged with the script and the audience were delighted by the story, the comedy and the songs (all original music). Those same actors are now rehearsing in the Morris Space with me for three weeks and we're all very much looking forward to our first preview on the 11th December!
So to answer the question, yes it is – according to the actors and the small audience that have seen it so far. But don't take their word for it, book your tickets now and come see for yourself.
As we say in The Land of Waa: Toddle Pods!

Jez Bond - Artistic Director

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