by Jez Bond

I thoroughly enjoyed my first week as assistant at the Park Theatre. After attending my first architects meeting, visiting the site and getting to grips with the projects, I now feel fully immersed in every aspect of the task ahead.

One of my first tasks has been to write the press release for local and National press. I sent this out today and will eagerly await some interest for articles on the project. I’m hopeful that given the recent announcements of arts cuts, the news that people and organisations like ourselves are still moving forward regardless, will be met with support and encouragement.

Another highlight was a trip to Barons Court on Friday to see ‘Nerve,’ a play about internet dating. The venue was very ‘cosy,’ so much so that you basically went on the date with them. The intimate venue was perfect for the material, making you feel like a weird kind of voyeur/gooseberry.

As the date went from bad to worse the cringe-factor became excruciating. Of course, if it were a real date, one of them would have resorted to the ‘bail out’ phone call, which should I have had their numbers I would have gladly have made for them.

The marriage of play to venue here was one of the most exciting things about the evening. As most of the theatre I see is in large scale theatres, it reminded me not to ignore what the more diminutive venues in London have to offer.

Nouska Hanly, Assistant to the Associate Director

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