by Hazel - Park Theatre Dog

It's wet and messy this time of year but thankfully I get to enjoy evenings in the theatre keeping nice and dry on stage. I tend to just rest leading up to performance time and when I'm not on stage I have a relaxing lie down on my bed either in my Grotto or up in my office. I have a special toy that someone left for me and I've named him Cuddly Adam. He looks a little bit like our Adam here - well a toy cuddly version anyway - and I do love carrying Cuddly Adam around with me. People have asked if I get nervous before going on stage but I actually don't get nervous. I think it's fun to do acting. The main advice I would give any budding dog star is to just relax before - make sure you've had a nice walk and be sure to have a great spot to nap when you aren't on stage - and if you too can be lucky to be given a Cuddly Adam then you'll really be happy.

Happy new year everyone!



















 photo by Ed Sykes




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