by Jez Bond

The weekend was as busy as ever and towards the end of Sunday I flopped down on the sofa limbs weak, head gently aching – not enough to be ill but just to subtly taunt me – and eyes sore. I felt like the whole of the last few months had caught up with me. After an extended sleep and some food which was far better for the soul than it was for the waistline, I’m feeling a little more powered – apart from my painful neck which I feel like I want to rip off it’s so aggravating. Perhaps I just should as it’s Halloween today – I could be the headless man. I remember learning all about the actual origins of this fascinating tradition while studying the play ‘Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf’. Those who have seen the play may have no idea to what I am referring, but those who have read this masterpiece will remember its initially cryptic titling of the second act (pun intended). Back to the District line, on which I write, and as ghouls and goblins prepare for the London nightlife, this crazy devil is heading home, rejoicing in a much needed break in the schedule from the daily theatre trips of the past few weeks!

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