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Every now and again, a piece of theatre comes along that changes the scope of the work that follows it.  It's been an interesting week, as London is currently hosting the first revival of a major game changer: Einstein on the Beach.  The production has divided the critics and brought shame on the Jagger family, but it seems unlikely to have the same impact on practitioners as it did when it was first performed. 

But it's not the only show in town that has sparked vigorous debate.  At the other end of London, the Lyric has excited the wrath of the Daily Mail, and the snide dismissal of most of the national press, with a very European production of Three Kingdoms.  Unsurprisingly, the theatre was half empty when I saw it, and it might be forgotten as just another misguided experiment.  But some art only needs to find a very small audience in order to have a big impact, and my suspicion is that Three Kingdoms will significantly influence the next wave of British theatre.  So much so that I've bullied Jez into coming with me when I see it again on Saturday.  It's worth checking out the blogs and tweets from Blanche McIntyre, Michael Longhurst, Andrew Haydon, Dan Rebellato and many others on the subject, in addition to buying a ticket!

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