by Jez Bond

Today was our first induction day for N4 Stories with our first group of actors. After spending lots of time in the admin process, we finally got to show a group of 18 around the theatre and bring them into our world.

I enjoyed giving the tour of our building, it is never tiring or boring to talk about and here we were for the first time with our baby steps towards a production with actors in our building – guess what- they loved it! They were happy to hear all about it and to look around and visualise its transformation over the many months ahead.

After our tour we got to work getting to know our group and outlining the project ahead. I’m pleased to say we have an enthusiastic and talented bunch.

Post lunch I ran into one of our actresses who had already been getting the ball rolling! Super job Zo! I can’t wait to see what they all bring back to the table – crazy, wacky, zany, insightful, peaceful characters – the possibilities are endless.

Well done to Sarah and Nouska – love my team!  Watch this space.

Melli Bond

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