Full house!

by Andrew Wilson











It’s a Friday evening, and Marketing Manager Patrick Kennedy – on duty in the Park’s improvised box office tucked behind the café bar – is a happy man.

“Muswell Hill is completely sold out tonight, and I’ve got just few tickets left for Kill Me Now,” he announces, looking up from a jury-rigged combination of laptop, credit card reader and ticket printer.

“It’s fantastic. Muswell Hill seems to sell itself, and even before it opened advance sales were strong. As for Kill Me Now, it got all those great reviews, and Greg Wise’s comments about taxation in the Evening Standard got a lot of coverage. It’s now our fastest selling show since Daytona.”

And Patrick’s temporary job selling tickets? “Not for much longer,” he says. “Our new Sales Supervisor, Niamh Watson, has just come on-board, and we’re building a new box office on the ground floor. It should be ready in late spring.”


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