by Jez Bond

Okay so that note earlier in the week about having some time to read plays….. yeah right! Loads has happened in the last 48hours. There is enormous time pressure on the submission of funding applications for the education studio – and so much paperwork has to be prepared, redrafted, checked and double checked. That’s going to be the focus of the next few days. That and a million and one other things!

As for today:  design team / contractor meeting followed by a tour and meeting with a fellow artistic director… and another… and then a catch up with a trustee who couldn’t make yesterday’s board meeting, then a meeting with a director about a youth project, a meeting and tour with a playwright from France about potential collaborations, a meeting with a highly experienced theatre producer / chief executive and a tour for the board of FinFuture. Did I miss anything out – oh yeah, lunch!

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