by Melli Bond

One burst of sunshine makes you forget the rain. Running faster makes the rain insignificant. Each day provides its own little challenge. A baby not allowed in a pub was today's challenge. Did you know that this isn't a legal thing - it is actually at the owner's discretion to allow or not allow a baby into the pub. This is the same thing for dogs. It is only illegal to have a dog in an area where food is being prepared - i.e. the kitchen. So when an owner of a pub says to you it is a legal thing, or a licensing thing, you will know that isn't the case with European law. For me pushing the boundaries and asking questions is vital to theatre, daily life and our survival. So please do keep asking me questions and pushing the boundaries with your work. I'm interested to see all kinds of work - yes something dangerous. Yes please something powerful. And please please if you can, knock me down with a new revelation. I know this is hard, but isn't that what this is all about? I want to come out of theatre either crying, laughing, arguing, chatting, feeling giddy or feeling in love.

I want you to change my reality - if only for an hour and a bit.

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