by Jez Bond

As Nouska, Christina, Melli and I all met at London Bridge this chilly morning we remarked on how it was the first time that all four of us had been together. As Christina and Nouska work for us two days a week, the days had never previously collided. It was great to spend the day as one organism!

We headed straight to a meeting with the Independent Theatre Council this morning. This was a useful hour, we shared our plans with them and they explained the benefits of membership to the ITC – which includes legal advice, business/accounting support and a host of reduced rate training packages as well as a number of networking opportunities and forums with like minded theatre/producers/artistic directors throughout the year.

We then proceeded back to ‘the home office’ (as I shall now call it) where, furiously beavering away on laptops beside the tree, we felt Christmas looming. On the phone, Dave and I chatted about a new (digital) idea. I think we’d get bored if we didn’t have at least one brain wave, two wacky ideas and three rethinks every week!

He’s just sent an email out hurrying the structural and mechanical engineers to finalise the tweaks to the scheme asap as we are desperate to issue the tender drawings before Santa squeezes his fat arse down the chimney and gobbles all the mince pies. We want to gobble all the mince pies.

Ooh very exciting – new business cards have been sent to the printers. We will have them early next week. Banner on site soon!

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