by Jez Bond

In the lead up to Christmas for what do I pine the most? For the comfort of a warm fireplace and a mug of hot chocolate - for a show to stage in the new year - for a week long getaway in the Maldives? The answer is all of these things. The reality is that my Christmas pudding is still cooking - and will hopefully be plump and juicy (hold on, I think that's the goose) in time for next year.

So this year's festivities are likely to be slightly surpressed  - not in a spoilt child "where's my present" kind of way but simply due to the fact that we'll be as busy as in any other week of the year. We are seeing shows pretty much every single night between now and Christmas eve, fundraising requirements are getting more and more demanding and the workload is increasing daily - despite some of the pressure on site being taken away due to increased project management support. Can father Christmas please bring me a new brain (mine is frazzled), some extra hours in the day and some money for the education floor...

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